Cloud Pirates is an action-packed game where Captains unlock, customize and control a large number of cloud ships, fighting for the control of the skies! Overcome cutthroat opposition and become the best Cloud Pirate Captain by using all tools at your disposal:

  • More than 45 Cloud Ships
  • 19 distinctive Ship Classes, each with unique gameplay
  • 6 Game Modes, ranging from casual to ranked competition
  • Brotherhoods – become a part of a pirate band with other Captains. You will never have to hunt alone ever again!
  • Captain, Crew and Ship Progression – hire the best crews, purchase the most powerful equipment and unlock dozens of Captain talents to select the best combination for your play style
  • Visual Customization – obtain a large number different colors, sails and flags to personalize your ship, make the enemy fear your colors

So go out there and make a name for yourselves, the world is yours for the taking and untold riches await!

A thousand years ago the world of Sarnaut was split by a cataclysm into countless islands drifting through the Astral space. Before long, people invented flying ships to travel from island to island, and found artifacts & treasures everywhere. Treasure hunters began to form squadrons, and equipped their airships with various weaponry to protect themselves in their hunt for riches. Bands of Cloud Pirates, as people called them, began to fight each other for the right to plunder the skies… Ready your airship, band together with your comrades in arms, and claim what is yours! For profit and glory!

Fight for the skies
Take command of your own airship and navigate the clouds to battle rival captains in exciting tactical team combat. Rule the skies by dodging enemy volleys, using daring maneuvers and your impressive weaponry. Blaze through science-fiction fantasy battlefields in your state of the art airship and become a legendary Cloud Pirate!

Customize your fleet
As you progress, you will gain access to tons of unique upgrades and weapons that will grant your airships new powerful abilities. Give your ships a fearsome and deadly appearance through numerous visual customization options, and develop your captain & crew. Become the scourge of the skies!

Compete in team battles
Form a squadron and cooperate with other cloud pirates in strategic battles. Play to the strengths of your team mates: combine your firepower to overwhelm the enemy, or simply outsmart them by beating the other captains to the capture point or loot. Adjust your team strategy for each game mode!

Use cunning tactics
Would you rather be in the thick of battle piloting a mighty Dreadnought, or mount the sniper’s roost in a light Galleon? Try various abilities and surprise your enemies in each battle with new tactics specifically suited for that battlefield. Choose the role that suits your play style best, change altitude at the right moment and take cover when needed. A cunning captain leaves nothing to chance!

Click Here for the Cloud Pirates website.

Cloud Pirates is also available on Steam

Forge of Empires is an online strategy game that lets you not only create & manage your own city, but also advance it through the time – from the Stone Age onward. Raise buildings typical of each epoch. Enlarge your sphere of influence through military campaigns & skillful dealings. Grow your city & army to forge a vast empire!

Click Here to play Forge of Empires

Dreadnought puts you in command of massive capital ships for tactical, 8v8 warfare in space and across the skies of different planets. As a mercenary captain, your motivations are simple: to reap the rewards of battle and build your reputation—and to be fearless doing it.

Armed with earth-shaking weapons and the support of your teammates, you must claim victory by outmaneuvering, outshooting and outclassing the opposing team. Prepare yourself. It's time to take the helm.

Design the ship that reflects your playstyle. Customize every aspect of your vessel, from weapons and modules to coatings and decals.

Unlock over 50 ships across five different classes. Find your role in a ship that offers heavy, assault, sniper, support or scouting capabilities—or master them all.

Claim victory by working together, utilizing your team’s strengths and exploiting enemy weaknesses. In Dreadnought, success in battle comes to those who fight as one.

Take on opponents in tactical, competitive multiplayer matches. Fight to grow your reputation, earn new ships and unlock advanced options to make your vessel your own.

Register and Download the game via the Dreadnought Website

Galactic Junk League is a competitive free-to-play Crafter Arena - a shooter mixed with almost infinite ship building possibilities.
Build anything. Fight anyone. In space.

What used to be a prosperous universe is now a post-apocalyptic rusty dump full of galactic junk. Savage arenas became the only amusement we have. To fight and destroy, we use all necessary means from super advanced beam weapons to makeshift torpedoes made from a rusty fridge.

Build your junk ships to literally any shapes and sizes and fight against the creations of other players in 7v7 PvP arenas across 4 unique maps. The more you fight the better ships you can build. Unlock all 5 classes (Rookie, Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship and Destroyer) and research all the blocks to build your ultimate junk ship.


  • 5 unlockable classes with unique fighting styles and build options
  • 3 unique multi-level weapon systems (Rockets, Lasers, Gauss)
  • class-specific abilities
  • 4 different maps, each with unique play style
  • infinite number of possible ship designs thanks to vast building options and mirror mode
  • high level of replayability
  • revamped skill-based matchmaking with players from all around the world!

Download GJL via Steam

Create a free character and embark on an epic adventure in a beautiful and ever-growing fantasy world filled with monsters and quests. AdventureQuest Worlds is a free-to-play web browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with brand-new weekly releases, real-time combat, challenging quests, beautiful cinematic cut-scenes, thousands of equipable items, interchangeable Classes, and an entire world to explore.

New Release every Friday!

We expand the game every week with new monsters, weapons, quests, areas, holiday & special events, new features and more! Because the game is built in flash, we can add and change things in the game while you play it. Our friendly team listens carefully to player feedback... and uses it to shape the direction of the game and storylines! We normally release the newest adventures on Friday, but we frequently do mid-week releases too.

Safe and Easy to Play!

With flash based fantasy adventure games you can play anywhere, anytime, all the time! All you need is your web browser and the flash plugin (which is standard on most browsers) to jump into the action.

Real Time Combat & Gameplay

Created from the ground up by our creative team, AQWorlds lets you explore and battle in real time.

Chat, Guilds, Partys and PvP!

With flash based fantasy adventure games you can play anywhere, anytime, all the time! All you need is your web browser and the flash plugin (which is standard on most browsers) to play.

Game Features

  • AdventureQuest was waaaaay ahead of it's time!
  • TONS of playable Character Classes
  • Multi-Class (Start as one class, learn ALL OF THEM!)
  • Group Loot (When an item drops... EVERYONE gets it!)
  • Enhancements (Make ANY weapon max level.)
  • Ultimate Customization (Change anything about your character at any time.)
  • Player Recomendation Shop (Suggest items on our forums... and yours might be picked to be created!)

Epic Storylines that change the world

The main plot of AdventureQuest Worlds is currently "Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos." Each week, we continue the story by adding new places to explore and quests to complete. Players shape the direction of their story based on their feedback with our game development team. Occasionally we do side stories, sagas, holiday events and other special events. Some of our releases and events only happen once. Most of them change our game world forever...

Free to Play thanks to Upgrading Players

AdventureQuest Worlds is free to play! The team agreed that the entire main storyline should be completely free for all players to complete as we build it. If you enjoy the game and want to help us create the weekly releases, you can support us by becoming a Legend. Your account upgrade unlocks a ton of bonus features and content.


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What this means is if you're a new user and register on our website, you will now automatically become a Member without the need to fill out an application.

The Member application was brought in to cut down on trolls and spam bots.
If however the trolls and spam bots return, then we'll re-enable the application process
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